Playing catch up at

By Jim den Hollander


As many have already noticed, I am playing a little ‘catch up’ this week at

I am determined to get everything in, so for the next few days readers will likely be astonished at how old some of the material is.

I have a second job working with the United States Premier Hockey League. It is technically a part time job, apart from my regular position in Reedsburg, but due to some crazy circumstances, I have been working extra for the league and this past weekend I attended a Showcase tournament that occupied every moment of each day from Thursday through Sunday. I had a few things to follow up on Monday which leads to today with me as much as a week behind on most of the local teams I cover.

But rather that just skip them, my plan is to just start from the bottom and work my way up, like I do with my emails at work.

I just want to make sure I acknowledge all the bright moments from the past several days for all the local teams. My goal is to be caught up entirely by the time they drop the puck at Monk’s Cheeseburger Classic. That tournament is a highlight every season and while it is a little smaller this time around, it will be no less exciting, and I am looking forward to being able to see the Cheavers in action there.

It is amazing how fast things happen when you are trying to keep four varsity teams, a junior hockey team and a slew of youth hockey teams under your umbrella. I need to figure out a better way to get the other centers involved as well, hopefully by the time Regionals roll around at the beginning of February.

On a related note: I am wondering if there is anyone out there, crazy about hockey with a background in websites. I might be interested in finding a partner for this site if there is anyone that might be able to help with the construction. Expertise at making business card ads would be huge. Also, if that person had a knack for advertising type sales it would be beneficial but at this point, not a deal maker or breaker.  Just a note, this is not a job posting. Just exploring all the stuff that could be available and I realize at this time, the more time I can free up to be in the rink and write material, the better it would be for If anyone is interested, you could send me an email at and maybe we could talk about it.

I want to wish all the Sauk County hockey fans a happy holiday season. I would wish you all a Happy New Year, but I am hoping to be able to do that personally in a rink….soon.




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