Badger Lightning raises bar for upcoming season

By Jim den Hollander  


The Badger Lightning has improved its win total in each of its previous few seasons and at the end of November, the squad will roll into a new season with as close to a full roster as it has had in a few seasons.  

Girls’ hockey is on the rise in Sauk County, in particular in Sauk Prairie which boasts no fewer than seven teams wearing Sauk Prairie Monkeys uniforms this season, so the light is beaming at the end of the tunnel and if the Captains’ Practice at SPARC on Monday is any indication, the skill level of the incoming freshmen players will have them contributing immediately on both ends of the ice.  

The team has been practicing in Sauk Prairie for a month and at the start of November with the wrap up of some of the other sports, the team will be on the ice more frequently. Regular practices will begin next week and the regular season will open with a weekend series against the Beaver Dam Golden Beavers Nov. 26-27.

At a recent Captains’ practice, members of the Badger Lightning take a minute to catch their breath while discussing the next drill they plan to work on at Sauk Prairie Area Recreation Center (SPARC).

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