Pelisek to honor Ducks and Morris at Demo Derby

By Jim den Hollander


Saturday will be a complete day for Dells Ducks and their fans.

The 2021-22 season will officially begin with an orientation day for returning and incoming Ducks players along with their families and billets, wrapping up with a cookout for everyone.

Chris Pelisek began work on this ’95 Toyota Corolla which will be entered at the Mauston Fair Demolition Derby on Saturday.

Meanhile, on Saturday night, Ducks penalty box worker and super fan, Chris Pelisek will pay homage to his favorite team and friend Kelly Morris as he enters a car in the Demolition Derby at the Mauston fair this weekend.

Dells Ducks

Pelisek, a regular at these events has picked up a ’95 Toyota Corolla which he has prepared for the event.

Morris took an interest in Pelisek’s exploits in the cars and it was frequently the topic of conversation between them at the Lake Delton Ice Arena.

“Kelly asked me if I was still doing the derbies and to let him know when I was running,” said Pelisek.

“I always would remember the day after that I was supposed to let Kelly know. Kelly’s wish was to see me run in a demo. That is why I am dedicating this run for him. I am also dedicating this run for my cousin that also passed away.”

He has also been working on a paint scheme that will honor the Ducks and Morris. We encourage any Ducks fans to head to the Mauston Fairgrounds Saturday to cheer on Pelisek.

Drop the gloves Chris and Let’s get in on!


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