Hockey talk Sept. 1 — Ducks start two-a-days

By Jim den Hollander


The Dells Ducks started a new month, taking training camp to a new level with first day of two-a-day on ice sessions at the Lake Delton Ice Arena today (Sept. 1).

The team continues to prepare for its upcoming USPHL season. Today the team was on the ice at 9 a.m.  and again at 3 p.m. This will continue to be the schedule for the rest of training camp with alternating days of off ice fitness and yoga sessions as well as online schooling for several players in the afternoons.

Coach Falzone said in a video interview the team was still aware of some early season ice issues at the Lake Delton Ice Arena adding the intensity level of the practices will increase as the ice allows in the days ahead.

Varsity teams and youth hockey teams from Sauk County and Dane County will fill up the hours of icetime available in the next few weeks. Look at this space for details or visit Poppy Waterman Ice Arena (


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