Returning from hideaway

By Jim den Hollander


Readers of I apologize for the recent stall and don’t  really have an excuse except for a sudden burnout.

This has been the third year I have started getting off the ground and I made major strides in getting it to where it is, but I have been doing it along with a fulltime and part time job already. It’s honestly a labor of love though so it usually is not a concern.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but a decision to skip the Sectional semi-final in Sauk Prairie – a rematch of the previous season’s game against Verona – ended up having a lasting affect on me. I was getting ready to make the short trip to Sauk, but I was fatigued from a long day (week) and looking at making the trip with no heat in my car.

I had been doing that for a while, but for some reason, I decided getting home and getting warm on this night seemed important. That turned into now three weeks of inactivity on, combined with an increased workload on my part time job as a coordinator for the United States Premier Hockey League.

So today, I find myself feeling bad and frustrated that I was so close to making it through the climax of the season but determined to get on track for the off season and the start of the 2021-22 campaigns. In the past when I have had to miss a few days, I would bear down and ‘catch up,’ writing stories about week old games and pretending they were being covered live, so the archives would have all the details.

This time around I am going to focus on a few things – Reviews on all four varsity teams in Sauk County as well as a preview for teams heading to the WAHA state championship tournaments in a few weeks.

Also, catching up on the WIAC and MIAC women’s hockey seasons in time for their playoffs which start shortly.

Spending a half hour talking to my best friend recently rejuvenated me and made me realize that I might need to put a priority on getting some help. I mentioned recently on the Facebook page that I was looking for someone who is a hardcore hockey fan like myself but a whiz at website work and got no response – I think the ‘hardcore hockey fan’ is where I ran into trouble and my friend pointed out to me that is not actually that important.

So, I have altered my search just a bit. Now looking for a combination website/advertising guru who might be interested in helping turn this into something bigger and possibly something lucrative at the same time. My email currently is or I can be reached or texted at 608-393-2876.

Look for some additions to the website and Facebook page soon. There is still some time left in this season and I am already pumped about the possibilities for next season.