Back from break and ready to roll into 2022-23

By Jim den Hollander  


Jimmy D’s Notes

After a lengthy lapse, is heading into the summer season. 

First there is some catching up to do. The last story posted on the website was on March 15 and there are a couple things that will certainly be old, but better on the side than forgotten. 

Since then, there have been a couple things that have taken me away from the site, but admittedly, a mild form of burnout played a part as well. 

I look forward to catching up on the few articles that have yet to make it to the site and then move on to the summer. Last summer I discovered there really is no ‘down time’ for hockey. It is certainly a bit slower in the summer with not as many Sauk County participants, but it never completely goes away. In fact, there ae some big player announcements coming up in the next few months as well as the first scouting summer for Dells Ducks Head Coach Anthony Rohde. 

There are several locals who take part in summer events with the Blue Devils, Team Wisconsin and later, the WEHL teams. 

I believe this is the upcoming hockey season will be the fourth for If my current plans work out, it will be bigger than ever and I am also hoping to revive, a site that I originally came up with close to a decade ago, but due to the focus on local hockey and some crazy internet issues, it has been on the back burner for the past 2-4 years. 

I am looking to take advantage of a lot more video and social media type things in the next season but have some catching up to do there as I look to stay somewhat modern. Par for the course for a guy who started out as a sports reporter just as the industry was switching from manual typewriters to floppy disks. It’s gone through tons of changes since then as well. 

The plan here is to have all of that organized to roll out when the new season gets underway in September with perhaps a few announcements and additions along the way.

Hopefully 2022-23 will be another amazing season for both and 


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