Jimmy D’s Top 10 — #9

Fort Wayne forward Ian Harris was the catalyst of the Dells Ducks effective and potent power play in the Dells Ducks early seasons.

Game 9 – Ducks score three shorties on one PK.

This game comes straight from memory. There is no game sheet. I don’t even recall the specific date and because this one was followed on Hockey TV (or its predecessor, Fast Hockey) there is no photo or video proof or backup.

This is one of only two regular season games in my Top 10 list and its more a testament to one of the greatest traits of the early Ducks teams as it is a specific memory.

It happened in either the 2012-13 or 2013-14 season, based on the personnel involved. The game was close at the time I believe probably in the second period when the Ducks took a penalty. What followed was amazing, but not as uncommon as it might seem. I have seen teams that were good on the power play, but in those two seasons, the Ducks actually considered the penalty kill a scoring opportunity.

There are many reasons for that occurrence, but for my memory, the two key ones are Ian Harris and Colin Cross. I don’t want to say too much more on them as they are going to come up again in the next few weeks, but Harris scored two of the three goals on that penalty kill and I honestly don’t recall who got the other. Maybe some readers or players that were involved will be able to contribute to this. At one time I had numbers that I updated without fail but not I get most of my statistical details from the website eliteprospects.com

Can you imagine the emotional boost a team gets from actually benefiting – heck—dominating a situation like this and on the other side how deflating would it be to actually prefer to not have a man advantage?

Anyway, unlike the other Top 10 games, there is not a lot of detail about this one.

But it happened….I promise.